Chocolates and bonbons

Chocolates available at vinoWonka are all Hungarian, hand-crafted products, similarly to the wines. The hard work of selecting these products was also done personally by us, by researching and visiting chocolatiers all around the country, hand-picking the few high-quality premium producers that are now available on our menu. By continually testing and trying out our new wines with new chocolates we ensure that our selection is not only expanding in quantity, but in quality, very often by having new chocolates created especially for our wines.


Chocolate and wine

Our philosophy was to create a new, unusual and extraordinary harmony with the pairing of chocolates and wines. In our country it is not a common practice to do so, but we would like to change the people’s attitude regarding to this habit.

The production area, the soil, the year and also the type is a very decisive role in both of the two ‘source of joy’.  We should evaluate the chocolate and wine alike by tasting them. The appearance, the fragrance, the taste and the finish are important in both cases.

The harmony

The aromas and the tastes of wines and chocolates have significant impacts on each other. They can gentle the taste buds, complete and strengthen each other’s role and by doing so, creating exciting taste combinations and special harmony in your mouth.

Our goal is to find the perfect harmony among the different types of wines and chocolates what we can happily offer to our clients. Everybody can find his/her own favorite premium chocolate, what were selected within the country from the best artisan chocolate manufacturers.